Qublings - the Espionage Mission to Pluto

written and illustrated by Aśka

(Winner of the 2017 Nanokomik Challenge)

A four page comic about two spies who use quantum entanglement to improve their powers of espionage.

Appeared in the August Issue of the Spanish JotDown Smart magazine, yes, in Spanish!

World Domina(no)tion

written and illustrated by Aśka

A four page comic about creating a superpower of omnipresence, using futuristic technologies combining nano and neuro sciences, as well as quantum probability wavefunctions.

Commissioned by the Donostia International Physics Center

Translated into Spanish and Basque.

I also run interactive school science workshops and presentations.

Check out the School Visits page for more information.

Science Week 2017. Photo by Kathleen Patrick

Photo permission from City of Belmont Library


My Job as a Science Presenter

written and illustrated by Aśka

A short comic in a concertina format based on musings about my job as a science communicator.

Entry for the Centre of Transformative Work Design Sketching competition.

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