The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob is my first big book illustration project, written by the incredible Cristy Burne and launched in March 2017.  This children’s graphic novel was sponsored by CAASTRO—Australia’s keen team of all-sky astronomers as part of their outreach program.  It gave us the opportunity to translate the science and innovation behind the technology and discoveries we have made in astronomy for primary aged students and beyond.  The book aims to inspire and excite young minds about science, experimenting and the wonders of the universe but most of all, encourage them to never give up on having a go.  Alice and Bob’s fictional adventure is enhanced by the factual stories of discoveries, sometimes accidental, woven throughout the book as well as additional layers of information, find-this-object challenges and teacher resources to emphasise the importance of previous space research on our everyday lives.  The book can now be downloaded in a PDF format.

To quote Cristy, “The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob is part-fiction, part-fact, and all fun”.

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