I am an energetic visual storyteller, comic maker and a science communicator who is a passionate advocate of visual literacy. I have collaborated on picture books, middle grade titles, comics and graphic novels, and am also a regular contributor to The School Magazine and other children’s publications.

Being an active member of the children’s literature sector, for over four years I held the role of the Illustrator Coordinator in the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators – Australia West, as well as being a judge for the Make Your Own Storybook Competition, and a committee member for the Perth Comic Arts Festival. I am also a recipient of several Local Government Art Grants, prizes and the May Gibbs Fellowship.

I have over ten years of experience in children’s illustration, graphic and product design, making and publishing comics, and animation. I have also singlehandedly ran an animation festival, won a grant for a solo art exhibition, and have been featured on an ABC TV documentary.

Currently I work on comics, children’s books and magazines, deliver engaging talks and workshops to schools across WA and abroad, as well as working on my graphic novel ideas. Always looking for a better way to tell a story using images.

In addition to an Arts Degree, I have a Physics Degree (Quantum) and have spent six years travelling across the state delivering science programs and workshops to school students on behalf of Scitech (the Western Australian science centre).

And just so you know – Aśka is pronounced Ashka – the little line above the letter s changes the sound to that of running water. ;)


Aśka has loved to draw since before she can remember and also did art at high school but her formal move into children’s illustration didn’t happen until her late twenties, while working for a product design company.  She had previously been living in Copenhagen researching quantum optics after completing her Honours degree in (Quantum) Physics at ANU.


While in Europe she had an epiphany about the lack of visual creativity in her life, so decided to pack it all in for a move back to Australia to pursue her art.  Her work in children’s product design back in Australia enabled her to learn the nuts and bolts of layout, to master digital illustration, as well as the secrets of graphic design, colour, and character illustration.


She co-founded an alternative comic book duo, Ask Dr Wang, creating numerous titles in 2006, which were published both in Perth and Melbourne, (Local Act Comics, Perth Comic Collective, Artrage) and created graphics for local music bands, festivals and community events as a freelance illustrator.  Through her online illustrations an ABC TV documentary, Noise On Screen, featured her and her work along with 11 other young Australian artists.


In 2011 she graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts, winning a Curtin Gallery Grant to create works for an exhibition where she was able to combine her passion for maths, science and art, called 13-Our Faith in Numbers.  Her interest in animation at this time saw her create a number of short films, one of which, The Society of the Spectacle, has made it onto a ‘recommended viewing list’ at several universities as part of Art History courses.


This work led to Animators Hour, an independent animation festival showcasing local and international animation talent on the Northbridge Piazza Superscreen, which she organised and ran across eight weeks through a City of Perth Grant.  The project also brought together the opportunity to work with a team of professional animators on a short animation film to be screened at the festival.


She has created and coded an e-book, The Three Sisters, available free on iBooks, which remains one of the top free downloads on this platform.


In 2014 she joined Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) as part of her focus to further developed her children’s picture book illustration.  After volunteering with the Multicultural Services Centre of WA, mentoring migrant children she began work at Scitech, the State science centre in Western Australia as part of their outreach across the whole State delivering science programs and workshops to school students and the general public.


March 2017 saw the launch of Aśka’s first big book illustration project The Cosmic Adventures of Alice and Bob, written by Cristy Burne.  This children’s graphic novel was sponsored by CAASTRO - Australia’s keen team of all-sky astronomers as part of their outreach program.  It gave the opportunity for Aśka and Cristy to translate the science and innovation behind the technology and discoveries we have made in astronomy for primary aged students and beyond.  The book aims to inspire and excite young minds about science, experimenting and the wonders of the universe but most of all, encourage them to never give up on having a go.  Alice and Bob’s fictional adventure is enhanced by the factual stories of discoveries, sometimes accidental, woven throughout the book as well as additional layers of information, find-this-object challenges and teacher resources to emphasise the importance of previous space research on our everyday lives.  CAASTRO have sent copies of the book to every school in Australia and it was available for schools in class sets for a limited time.


A further two of her illustrative projects have been published in 2017, Looking Up by Sally Murphy (Fremantle Press) and Pepsi the Problem Puppy by Sandi Parsons (Faraway Nearby Ink), both fiction for young readers. In 2017 she won a Department of Culture and the Arts grant towards the development of illustrations and layout of a children’s story about dyslexia, contracted to be published in 2018.  This has allowed her to use her skill in running children’s educational workshops to involve dyslexic students, inviting them to give her feedback in the creation of content for the illustrations of this book.


She is also busy throughout the year running other illustration, visual literacy and science workshops in Perth schools and libraries.


Aśka has a number of author/illustrator projects in the pipeline, so watch this space for their arrival.


“I love to combine my diverse skills, experiences and interests to facilitate new creative projects. The challenge of telling a story, generating smiles and laughter, inspiring others with science and art and seeing them create is the ultimate reward.”


You can check out more of her ongoing projects on this website:  www.askastorytelling.com

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